WSCC Policies

  • REFUNDS: NO REFUNDS will be made except for courses that are completely cancelled and dropped from the roster by WSCC.
  • CREDITS: Credits are issued at the discretion of the Registrar before classes begin. No credits will be issued after the semester begins.
  • COURSE CANCELLATIONS: If a course for which you have registered is completely cancelled from the roster you will be notified approximately three days before the course is set to begin.
  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: If a class schedule must change due to priority needs of the school district you will be notified asap after WSCC is informed.
  • SINGLE CLASS CANCELLATIONS: If a single class is cancelled by the instructor you will be notified asap after WSCC is informed.
  • EMAIL IS THE PRIMARY METHOD OF COMMUNICATION: If you are registered for a class or on a waiting list please check the email account provided in the registration daily throughout the semester. That is how we contact students about class cancellations, schedule changes, etc.
  • ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES: We offer adult education classes for students 18 years and older. We cannot accommodate children of instructors or class members.  Select courses that are open to high school students will be noted.
  • WSSD-RELATED CLOSURE POLICY: Evening classes are held at Strath Haven High School (exceptions noted on class listings). If the Wallingford Swarthmore School District (WSSD) is closed, e.g. for Spring Break, then SHHS is closed and evening classes will not be held on those dates.
  • WEATHER-RELATED CLOSURE POLICY: Our emergency I.D. number is 2499 (used by TV & radio to announce cancellation of classes due to inclement weather).

Evening Classes at SHHS: WSCC follows the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District weather closure decisions. The District makes closure decisions by 5:30am. You can go to their website at and check on the Announcements column to the right. If the district is closed, then all WSCC evening classes at SHHS are also cancelled. If evening classes are cancelled WSCC will send an e-blast and put an outgoing message on the voicemail.

Daytime Classes: Because day classes are held at different locations, decisions about weather-related cancellations for those classes will be made on a case-by-case basis. If daytime classes are cancelled WSCC will send an e-blast, put an outgoing message on the voicemail, and attempt to contact all students in affected classes by email and/or phone.

FALL 2023 Registration

Fall 2023 Registration is open! Please note the change to the payment button on the course listing. You must choose just "PayPal" from the payment menu (not "pay with PayPal").

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