How to Register

Online Registration

Classes fill quickly! Online registration is the best way to get the course you want. Visit the classes page and find the class of your choice. To register online follow all prompts carefully.

To select the class:
– Search for the course by name or number.
– Click on the course to open the full information link.
– Select the number of spaces that you want to book from the drop down menu.
– Click the button that says “Register” at the bottom of that screen.
– To register for multiple classes click to “Continue Shopping” and add each class to your cart before continuing to the payment section.
– When all classes are added to your cart click the link to “Checkout.”
On the Checkout page:
– Fill in your contact information.
– Click the button at the bottom of the page that says “pay with PayPal” and the SCROLL DOWN to click on the “PayPal” option.
– That will launch you to the PayPal website.  Please note, at this point you are no longer on the WSCC website.  For any questions about the workings of the PayPal website please contact PayPal directly.
Payment on the PayPal website:
– Follow the directions to complete payment with your preferred payment method.  You have two options: pay with credit/debit card or pay with a PayPal account if you have one.  You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account or use PayPal funds.  You can choose to pay with any major credit/debit card.
Successful Registration generates two emails:
– one from WSCC confirming the number of spaces in the course
– one from PayPal confirming the payment amount
– You do not have a spot in the course until payment is successfully completed and you have received the confirmation email from WSCC.  If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your Spam folder for an email from “”


Mail-in Registration

Please print the Registration Form page. Use one form per course and send separate checks for each course.

WSCC Mail-in Registration Form

  1. Please note that online registration is the only way to immediately know if you have a guaranteed spot in the class. Mail-in registrations are processed in the order received. Some classes fill quickly.
  2. Before you mail in a registration please check the list of Closed Classes on the website to see if the class of interest still has available spots.
  3. Use the form above to register. A check for the full cost due must accompany registration. Please send one form and check per class – this expedites processing, especially in the case of issuing refunds due to cancelled classes. No spots will be held due to incomplete payment.
  4. Mail form and check payable to “WSCC” to: WSCC, P.O. Box 141, Wallingford PA 19086. Call 610.566.5786 or e-mail with any questions.
  5. Please include an EMAIL ADDRESS on your registration.  You will get a confirmation email to that address once we have processed your registration.  If the course is already filled, we will contact you.
  6. Checks may not be deposited until the courses start and the semester is underway.
  7. We will charge you a $20 fee if your check is returned by the bank.


SPRING 2024 Registration

Spring 2024 Registration is open! Please note - on the payment button you must choose "PayPal" from the drop down payment menu (not "pay with PayPal").

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